The Story

Dad is standing opposite Mum with a bouquet of flowers and is beaming. He says: “Happy birthday, dear!”
In the kitchen-cum-living room. He pours two glasses of sparkling wine while she fills a vase with water. She sighs sadly.
“What’s the matter?” he asks. With a disappointed look on her face, she replies: “Oh, I thought you might get me that bag as a present.”
Carrying the two glasses of sparkling wine, Dad says: “Well, I did order it ...”
“... Louis Vuitton, online,” he says off-screen. We see him on a computer, looking at the bag in an online shop.
Off-screen, he says: “But unfortunately, it was fake so it was confiscated by customs.” We see a customs official examining the Louis Vuitton bag.
“And on top of that, there was a hefty fine,” he continues. We see a fine that reads CHF 900.
“All fake items with that brand name are now going to be destroyed,” says Dad. They clink their glasses.
Mum smiles and puts her arms around him: “Oh, sweetie! At least you’re not a fake!”