The Story

Juliet in her bedroom. She’s naked and is taking a selfie. Granddad walks in: “Juliet, you’re ... Oops!”
Juliet covers her breasts. “Can’t you knock first, Granddad?!” Covering his eyes, he asks: “Who are the photos for, exactly?”
Now wrapped in a towel, Juliet says: “Oh no. Promise you won’t tell my parents.”
A computer screen with a picture of Juliet in nothing but her knickers. “I sent Romeo a picture of me naked,” she says.
Flashback to Café Amore. Juliet: “When I met him, I realised he was a total creep.”
We now see a Facebook message. Juliet speaking off-screen: “He threatened to upload my picture to porn sites ...”
“... if I refused to send him more pictures of me naked,” Juliet explains. We see her using her laptop naked.
Back to the here and now. Granddad looks away. Juliet: “I must have sent that pervert ten pictures by now, but he just won’t stop.”
Granddad heads out of the door and says to Juliet, who is wearing nothing but a towel: “Get dressed – we’re going to the police.”