The Story

Outdoors. A jogger is out of breath. It’s Dad. He bends over exhausted and says “Pooh!”
Mum joins him: “I’m proud of you!” She massages his shoulders. He says: “That feels great.”
She continues to massage him and, laughing, she says: “To help you with your diet and sports, ...”
“... I’ve signed you up for a trial subscription of a health magazine. For free!” Mum shows him something on her mobile phone.
He reads the offer, puts his hand to his head and says: “What?! Are you crazy?”
“They have our bank details and you’ve signed me up for an annual subscription costing 537 francs.” Disgruntled, he gives her back her phone.
She’s shocked: “But the website has a lot of positive Facebook comments.” He says: “They’re all fake.”
Dad takes a seat on a bench in front of the house: “They won’t be sending me anything at all. It’s a subscription trap.”
He then adds an ironic comment: “At least my wallet will lose weight this way.”