The Story

At school. Max shows his mobile phone to his friend: “Look – a pig with Billy’s head!”
His friend holds up his phone and says: “I’ve posted that on Facebook.” The post reads: “Billy kill yourself – 873 likes.”
Max’s friend makes an announcement to the rest of the class: “Hey, guys, when Billy arrives, we’ll film it on Younow and we’ll all shout:”
Grinning, he puts his hands in the air and says: “Billy, Billy, he’s got the smallest..."
A girl interrupts him: “You idiot! Haven’t you heard? Billy and his parents went to the police.”
She goes up to the two boys: “They’ve reported you for bullying.”
Max looks distraught and holds his head in disbelief: “But it was just a bit of fun!”
The girl explains: “Because of your online bullying, Billy can’t risk using social media platforms any more.”
She plants herself in front of the boys: “But YOU’RE going to have to risk paying the headmaster a visit!”