The Story

Juliet walks into the room wearing a baseball cap. Her grandfather is on the computer: “Hi, Granddad, not going fishing today?”
The elderly gentleman looks at the screen and answers his granddaughter’s question: “I have some more emails I need to answer.”
Granddad reads out one of the emails: “This one says: ‘Due to criminal activity ...”
“... you are required to click on this link and enter your password. Yours sincerely, your bank’,” he reads out aloud. “OK. Hedwiglove1956.”
Juliet leaps over and shouts: “STOP! It’s a trick!” Granddad almost falls off his chair and shouts: “Hey!”
Juliet points at the screen: “That’s a phishing attempt. They’re trying to fleece you.” “Nonsense!” says Granddad.
She rests her hand on her grandfather’s shoulder: “A legit company would never get you to confirm your password like that.”
We see them from behind: Juliet and Granddad on the computer. “I thought there might be something fishy about it,” he says.
Heading out, Juliet says: “And you nearly fell for it hook, line and sinker.” Granddad has an idea: “I think I’ll go fishing!”