The Story

Father, mother and son: Dad is tying Sebastian’s tie for him while Mum takes a photo of what’s going on. She reassures Sebastian that he looks smart.
Sebastian’s parents take a look at him in his suit and tie. Dad says: “You’re bound to get the job looking as smart as you do.”
In the job interview: the HR manager says to Sebastian: “You have excellent qualifications, Mr Webster.”
“But there is something we’re slightly concerned about ...,” he continues, as he turns on the video projector. Beads of sweat start to collect on Sebastian’s forehead.
A voice off-screen: “Your party photos on Facebook.” We see Sebastian with friends at the beach, drunk and smoking pot.
Another picture shows Sebastian lying on the ground and drinking out of a beer barrel. Voice off-screen: “We have no use here for people like that.”
Back at home. Mum opens the front door: “So how was it?” Her son bows his head: “It was humiliating.”
Sebastian to his mum: “Can you post that photo you took of me today on Facebook?”
Loosening his tie, he says: “At least there will then be one sensible picture of me online.”