The Story

Max and a friend are hanging out on the sofa with their laptops. “This is such a cool game!” Max says to his friend.
“I’m gonna download it too,” his friend says. On his screen, we see: “Game.exe – free download”.
“Yes, it’s working!” cheers Max. His friend next to him continues to type in silence
The next day: Mum is on the laptop and she’s not looking happy: “Maax! What’s wrong with the computer?!”
“Everything’s encrypted. Have you gone and installed something dodgy again?” she asks. Max’s response: “Just a game.”
“How many times has your dad told you ...?” says Mum to Max as she puts on her coat, ready to go out.
At the computer shop. The employee says to the two of them: “I’m afraid all your data’s gone. Did you make a backup?”
Looking confused, Max’s mum asks him: “Errr ... a backup?” To which Max simply says: “Mum!”
Dumbfounded, Max says: “How many times has Dad told you ...?”