The Story

Juliet is in front of the mirror putting on her lipstick. “He’s so sweet!” she says to her friend, who is standing next to her. Her friend replies: “Really?”
“Romeo, 18, gorgeous, sporty, a real dreamboat,” says Juliet as she puts a baseball cap on. “Wow!” says her friend.
Juliet has her eyes closed and there’s a thought bubble above her head: we see a guy on a bike surrounded by hearts and kiss emojis.
“Where did you meet him?” her friend asks when they get outside. Juliet: “Online.”
We see the two of them from behind, each with a backpack. “Today’s our first proper date,” says Juliet.
As they walk: “And you trust him?” her friend asks, with her arms crossed. “You’re obviously totally jealous,” says Juliet.
She stops outside Café Amore and waves goodbye to her friend: “OK, see you later. He’s waiting for me here.”
Inside the cafe. Juliet is in the door looking shocked. She is greeted by a man who we see from behind: “Hey, honey, here I am ...”
“Your Romeo!” We now see him from the front: a chubby old man with a bald head and a dirty vest. He’s smoking.