The Story

Sebastian with Max and two friends. The younger ones are all staring at their mobile phones. Sebastian: “It’s great that you’re coming with us, Billy and Leo.”
Sebastian squeezes between Juliet and her friend, Yasmin. “Wow, Yasmin, you’re looking fantastic!” The girls are staring at their mobile phones.
Sebastian puts his hands in the air and says: “It’s time to party, guys!” None of them pay any attention as they’re all engrossed in their phones.
“We’re going to hit the buffet like a plague of locusts!” shouts Sebastian. Granddad and Mum are staring at a tablet and don’t hear him.
Sebastian continues to shout: “And Dad’s going to pick up the bill.” His friends and family are walking down the street behind him, all engrossed in their phones.
Sebastian plants himself in front of them: “Hello?! What’s got into you guys? I thought I was the smartphone zombie!”
Juliet says to Sebastian: “Oh, sorry. What is it we’re celebrating again?”
Sebastian looks angry and raises his hands: “The fact that I’ve got a job, of course!”
They’re all standing around a table, raising glasses of sparkling wine to make a toast. Dad says: “So ...”
He raises his glass and makes a toast: “To Sebastian!”
Sebastian raises his glass too. He says: “To the Websters! To life!”