The Story

Sebastian and Juliet at the window. The sound of a lawnmower can be heard in the garden. There’s a man lying on the ground. “Oh my God!” says Sebastian.
View of the window from the garden. Sebastian: “Granddad’s being dragged around the garden by the lawnmower!”
Max, Dad and Mum rush over to Granddad, who is lying in the grass next to the lawnmower. Dad: “Call the doctor!”
Dad kneels down beside Granddad, who is now sitting up. “It’s OK, I’m all right. I just passed out for a minute.”
Dad takes Granddad into his arms. Across the picture, we read: “NEE NAW NEE NAW”. Dad: “The ambulance is on its way.”
At the hospital. A doctor leafs through the patient clipboard. He says: “The blood test shows there’s a dangerous substance in your system.”
“It’s probably from a counterfeit medicine.” The doctor is standing by Granddad’s hospital bed.
Granddad is being given an infusion. He raises his finger: “Oh dear. My experiments show quite clearly ...”
“That the saying ‘No risk, no fun’ definitely doesn’t apply to buying medication online!”