The Story

Juliet’s friend Yasmin is at the door with her head in her hands. “I need to lay low at your place.” Juliet: “What?!”
They go upstairs to Juliet’s room. Yasmin says: “What will my parents say when they find out?!”
“They’ll kill me!” The two girls are now sitting on Juliet’s bed. Yasmin is despondent.
Flashback. Voice off-screen: “I sent Kevin a naked selfie four weeks ago.” Boy looking at a picture on a mobile phone: “OMG!”
Voice off-screen: “Then I split up with him two weeks ago.” Kevin looks at his phone: “OMG!”
Two days ago. Three lads hanging out. Kevin shows the other two a picture on his phone: “My ex-girlfriend.” One of his friends: “Can you send it to me?”
Yesterday in the school playground. Boys are showing the photo around on their mobile phones. One of them: “Great tits!” “There’s the slut.” He points to Yasmin.
Back in Juliet’s bedroom. Yasmin with her head hung low: “Every man and his dog has seen me naked.”
Juliet rests her hand on Yasmin’s shoulder: “Let me give you a hug, Yasmin.”