The Story

A scene from a computer game: an island with weapons. Voice off-screen: “Damn it! I need a lot more firepower to conquer that.”
Max and his friend on a tablet. “There are power upgrades. They only cost a franc each,” says his friend. “OK, we’ll just get one.”
Another game scene. A bomb blows up the island. Voice off-screen: “Damn it, we got blown up!”
On the tablet, it says: “Fatal hit. New life: CHF 5.” Voice off-screen: “Just one last time.”
A split screen with tablet displays. We read: “Wood for weapons: CHF 2” and “Monster elixir: CHF 2”.
The two boys roll their eyes. They both do the same thing: they tap the tablet like crazy.
A game scene. A cool guy with bags of money: “Congratulations, you’re the richest and most powerful ruler in the whole of App-alonia.”
The two boys wave their arms in the air and cheer. “Yeah, we did it!”
Three weeks later. Max’s dad receives a Visa bill. He roars: “Max! You’re going to bankrupt me!”