The Story

Max and Sebastian in the living room. The younger of the two, Max, is playing with his mobile phone on the sofa, while Sebastian is crouching behind the sofa wearing headphones.
Sebastian creeps up to the end of the sofa. He grins. Max doesn’t notice him. He’s too engrossed in his phone.
Sebastian then leaps out from behind the sofa and onto Max, giving him a fright.
Sebastian has grabbed Max’s phone and is running away. Max chases him, shouting: “Hey, Sebastian!”
“What do you think you’re doing? Give me back my phone!” He chases Sebastian, who disappears down the hall.
Sebastian laughs and looks at Max’s phone: “Let’s see which girl my little brother Max is writing to.”
The display of a smartphone with a text message dialogue: A message from “Badboy” says “Show me your willy”. Max had replied: “WTF”.
Sebastian looks at the phone, aghast: “This dirty pig is sleazing up to my brother!”
Sebastian clenches his fists and shouts: “I’m calling the police!”