The Story

Sebastian walks in wearing a baseball cap and carrying a case. “Hi, Mum.” Mum: “Sebastian?! What are you doing here?”
Sebastian, talking over his shoulder as he goes into the kitchen: “Bad news – I’m going to have to move back in.”
His mum crosses her arms severely while he takes a look at what’s in the fridge and says: “I posted some selfies of me at the beach on Instagram.”
Sebastian takes a box of Cornflakes out of the cupboard and continues: “Someone must have seen them ...”
“... and worked out that I’m on holiday.” Sebastian is now pouring some Cornflakes into a bowl.
Now in the living room with his bowl of Cornflakes, he says: “So while I was sipping cocktails on the beach ...”
“... someone broke in to my apartment and stole my PlayStation and my flat-screen TV.” Sebastian puts a cushion on the sofa.
Sebastian makes himself comfy on the sofa, and Mum asks: “And what exactly does your moving in have to do with all of this?”
“This,” says Sebastian with his feet on the coffee table as he turns the TV on with the remote.